Secondary Processing

Using basic technology gained from etching technology, we respond to all surface treatment of various types of metal parts. We can respond to a wide variety of customer needs, including the painting, surface polishing and cleaning of pressed and cut products and various types of metal processed products.

Optical system painting

We can respond primarily to the functional painting (light shielding/lubricating property) for optical system parts (metal/resin). As we have prepared several dedicated-use paints based on product usage, we are able to suggest the best product according to your cost and use.

It is also possible to produce fluorine painting (detachability) on jig tools in the process. Contact us for details.

Plating processing

By using an in-house plating line, it is possible to perform each type of plating processing, such as pressed products, etc., on products after etching. In addition, regarding special plating that is tailored to a customer's specific requirements, including line establishment, we would be happy to respond.

Current processable products (electro-less, electrolysis Ni, tin, silver, copper)

Surface treatment

It is possible to process non-conducting insulation, electrolytic polishing and chemical polishing on SUS materials.
In addition, it is also possible to perform special cleaning regarding each type of use and materials.

Diffused junction

Is a technology that combines and connects a metal at the atomic level by heating and pressuring it.

Spot welding

Partially combines a metal by resistance heat from a current flowed through a crimped product (metal).
As durability is low, perform a spot weld in line with the temporary joint before another joint or processed products.

Additional bending processing to etching products

It is possible to create three dimensional shaped products by adding a bending process to flat shaped products after the etching process. It is suitable to be executed on products, which are processed by a prototype or in small quantity.

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