Introduction to our company

KYOSEI is the only parts manufacturer specializing in metal photo-etching in Southeast Asia.
We provide high-precision / high-quality products combined with advanced technology and precision controlled production technology cultivated by our involvement over many years in the cutting-edge electronics field.

We entered the Thai market in 2002, and have grown together with the growth of Thailand.

We have a production system with bases in Thailand and Japan, and conduct global sales activities including in the United States.This includes exports from the ASEAN region to Europe and the United States.
We respond our customers' needs with a production and sales system that responds flexibly to their various demands, including regional and local procurement of QCD-balanced precision-related parts.

Etching technology is the core, suitable for metal parts, process jigs, and inspection equipment used in various fields, including electronic and optical parts, automobiles, and semiconductors.
Under our motto "Etching + One", we are a solution company for fine products/ precision technology that brings together special and specialized technologies in each field.

Strengths of our company

We propose thin and ultra-precision metal parts with high quality, short delivery time, and QCD according to demand.
We can produce a wide range of products, from small-quantity prototypes with a minimum of one MOQ, to large-volume mass-production products, in Thailand and overseas.
We have a global sales and production system with four overseas bases, including Thailand and Japan.
We respond flexibly to the customers' needs, such as in-house coordination of painting / special plating / surface treatment, and import / sales of "Etching + One" products.
We provide export / local procurement support within the ASEAN region and outside Thailand.

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