Regarding photo-etching

Photo-etching technology is (separately called Photo Etching/Chemical Milling) a technology to cut and process metals by combining corrosion resistance masking that applies precision photographic technology and chemical cutting through the chemical reaction and corrosive action of metals. It is a dedicated technology that can respond to a precision process of ultra-small, ultra-thin and complicated shapes used in the electronics field, as well as a variety of other fields such as optics, electrics and electronics.

1. Technological characteristics of photo-etching

* Possible for ultra-fine, high density, complicated and ultra-small processing
* Possible to process the sheet thickness of a material, enabling grooving in an arbitrary shape, or process a protruding shape within the sheet thickness.
* No change in material occurs and no burrs, bends or deformation of a product occurs due to processing.
* Expensive mold or jig tools are not required, resulting in a drastic reduction in initial investment, as well as a reduction in delivery time.
* Possible to respond to time sensitive deliveries and small lot production runs. (Shortest delivery and lot: One day/one piece)

2. Processable materials:

Steinless/Copper/Copper alloy/Brass/Nikkel silver/phospher Bronze/Steel/Special stee/permalloy/others

SUS, steel materials, special steel, carbon steel and permalloy
Non-ferrous metal (Copper, copper alloy, brass, albata, phosphor bronze)

Contact us regarding other materials, including special materials.

3. Sheet thickness to be processed


We are amassing a variety of stock of each type of material and sheet thickness.
Contact us for maximum processing width and longitudinal materials.

Etching processing progress image

Etching processing progress image

Bridge shape

During the etching process, the product needs a junction (bridge). An appropriate shape must be planned depending on sheet thickness and shape.


Process limitation and accuracy (Standard specification)


Major usage of etching products

Electrical parts Earth plate, heater shield plate, antenna
Electronic parts Conductors, terminals, evaporation masks, yokes, lead frames, metal masks, head cores
Parts for optical devices VCM (leaf spring), shutter, aperture, douser, pinhole, optical diaphragm, field frame parts
Parts for OA devices Leaf springs, grid plates, steel belts
Parts for measuring equipment Spacers, encoder metal squeegees, shim cage
Precision parts Filters, slits, springs, mesh
Other Decorative things, meter related products, flow channels, diaphragms, jigs, parts for models, dial plates, reinforced plates, laminates, cases
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